Be A Part Of South Asia’s Biggest Content Revolution.

Roar Media creates some of the most unique content in the region. Our work aims to educate, inspire and create an impact. So if you, too, recognise the need for unique content that can change the way people and communities are perceived, this is your chance to be part of South Asia’s biggest content revolution.

Here’s why you should contribute to Roar Media

Be a thought leader

You know your opinions matter and the work you’ve put into understanding a topic can make a difference; so use this opportunity to write about what you are passionate about.

Get recognized

You have an unique voice and an unique perspective. Be credited for the kind of stories that only you can tell, and establish yourself as an authority in your field of interest.

Build a following

Write frequently and build a dedicated audience for your content. No one sees it quite like you do, and no one says it quite like you; so work towards building a space for you.

Spark conversation

Get people talking about the things that really matter through the content you create. Engage the public on issues that need attention and educate them on what can be done to change the way things are.

Tell untold stories

Hypermedia crams the internet with more content than is necessary. But you can find the stories the mainstream media misses and on our platform, tell the stories that most media ignores.


What is the submission process?

The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is send in a pitch outlining the piece of content you want to produce, using this form. An editor will review your pitch and get back to you. If the pitch is approved, a rate commensurate to the piece of content will be decided together with you, and the content will be commissioned, which means you can start working on your piece.

Do I get paid for my submission?

You will most definitely be paid for every commissioned piece of content that is published by us. And we make sure our payments are made pretty quick, so you can expect to be paid within two weeks of providing us an invoice, after your content is published.

What type of content is accepted?

We accept content that tells a great story, that’s informative and also factually correct. Content that is localised and focuses on people and places do really well on our platforms.

How long after submission does a piece of content get published?

We have a fairly extensive editing process and how soon your piece will be published will depend vastly on what kind of content it is and how much work is required to ensure it meets our editorial standards and criteria. On average though, we publish between 2-14 working days of receiving content.