Why Should You Care About Unpaid Care Work?

You’ve heard of the term ‘Unpaid Care Work’, but do you know what it really means?

Even today, it is women who perform 75% of all Unpaid Care Work around the world – four times more than men. Care work is more than just household chores, and this disproportionate distribution is affecting the lives of women and girls more than you’d think.

Here’s everything you need to know about what Unpaid Care Work entails.


Debunking Every Covid Vaccine Myth You’ve Heard

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has been a long one, and vaccinations have been one of the most effective tools available in our arsenal thus far. There are, however, a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding these vaccines. We spoke to Epidemiologist, Dr. Dinu Guruge, who helped debunk some of these myths, and provide us with evidence as to why vaccines are one of the most effective ways to end the pandemic.


“Dear Hiruni, Do You Remember Us?”

Hiruni Wanniarachchi has been missing since 26 December 2004, the day the Indian Ocean Boxing Day tsunami hit Sri Lanka’s coast. The then seven-year-old was travelling with her parents and sister, seven years her senior, on the Matara Express, the Galle-bound train that was caught in the disaster. For over 17 years now, Hiruni’s parents — who believe she is alive — did everything to find her. But with nearly two decades passed with no new information or evidence of her existence, the weary family is giving up their search.


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